Monday, January 16, 2012

****EXTRA****January, 1974 Number One Songs

The following songs topped the BILLBOARD charts during the first month of 1974:


A beautiful ballad from Jim Croce, the artist originally known more for his novelty numbers such as BAD, BAD LEROY BROWN and YOU DON'T MESS AROUND WITH JIM. Sadly, this was one of several posthumous singles, released only months after the singer's late Summer, '73 death in a  plane crash.

THE JOKER-The Steve Miller Band

The Steve Miller band had been around for a number of years by this point but I had never heard of them. Thus the fact that this is a pretentious, self-referential number had no impact on me at all. Just seemed egotistical from someone who, to me, was a nobody. That said, as Mr. Miller and his band developed an impressive array of hits throughout the remainder of the seventies, I did eventually become a fan...but still not of this song.


Wilson had had a minor hit with THE SNAKE in 1968, a song I heard often on the radio in those days but didn't like. This song, SHOW AND TELL, had originally been recorded by Johnny Mathis but it was Al's version that became a hit and still is heard today from time to time. He never duplicated its success. Al Wilson died in 2008.


A single off Mr. Starkey's sorta-kinda Beatles reunion album, RINGO, this catchy number had been a hit back in 1960 for Johnny Burnette. Written by Disney's favorite songwriters, the Sherman Brothers, the recording featured vocals by Ringo and Harry Nilsson (with McCartney on kazoo!). Here in 2012, it remains a staple of Ringo's concerts but comes across as more than a little weird to have a seventy one year old singing about his underage sweetheart!

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