Monday, January 16, 2012

Wednesday, January 16th, 1974

Today I found out Health class is not gonna be as easy as I thought because they teach you--very frankly--about sex! And that's the one subject I really don't want to get any more interested in!

Terry came over about 5 and showed me some more Golden Age comics he bought over the river. Then we almost got into a fight but everything turned out okay, I guess.

All in all, today wasn't a very good day except for the weather which, for a change, was quite good.

NOTES: The main reason, of course, that I was against sex was that I wasn't having any. I was absolutely fascinated by it on the one hand (no pun intended) and yet so afraid it would never apply to me. Not sure why a sex ed class made me nervous at this point as we had sort of had one two years earlier. It was called "Safety"class and we had it twice a week, alternating with PE on the other days. The gym teacher taught it, it was all guys and it was, frank language and all, a sex education class. In fact, it's where I actually learned the meaning of the dreaded "F" word. I was, by that point, familiar with the act but had never made the connection with the term!

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