Saturday, January 21, 2012

Monday, January 21st, 1974

Another schoolday. Mr. Arnzen is still in the hospital.

Today I was inspired to work on my D.M. story. I was inspired so much, in fact, that I took the pages to school with me even though I ended up NOT having any time to do anything with them!

NOTES: Remember how I said I had always wanted to be  a writer? Well, I may have still been getting the hang of non-fiction with this journal but I had been writing detective stories for a year or two already! D. M. was a detective character I created. The thing that made him unique was that he was a man who awoke one morning in a strange town where no one knew him and he had no memory of who he was. His pockets had been stripped of all info except for a small, folded piece of paper on which was written the initials, "D" and "M." 

In case those of you reading this are too young to remember it, this was in essence the backstory of a short-lived 1967 TV series entitled CORONET BLUE. I recall watching that series but I don't remember if I consciously or unconsciously lifted the idea for my own stories. I wrote--or at least plotted and/or started quite a few of them, though. I found the following list this evening:


1--The Beginning--Jewel Robbery

2--The Mark of Capricorn

3--Arrows of Death

4--The Spawn of Hitler

5--Mystery of the Supermen

6--The Horrible Dr. Dare

7--A Turn For the Worse

8--On the Trail of Dr. Dare

9--The Egyptian Connection

10--Angie Dawn

11--The Doll House

12--A Death in the Family

13--The Millionaire

14--Rock and Roll Revenge

15--The Death Corporation

16--The Executioner

17--Killer On the Loose

18--Stranger in My Mind

19--The Suicide Conspiracy

20--The Genocide Formula

21--Z For Zoo


23--Return to Lifetime

24--Professional Death

25--Last Dance Together

26--A Trace of Identity

Looks like a full season of TV episodes, doesn't it? Reading my notes, though, 9 were left completely unwritten, 5 unfinished and 6 in need of revision. I wrote about DM from about 1971 or '72 until 1975. During that time, i also spun off a couple of his supporting characters into their own stories--Angie Dawn and Rick Trace--as well as teamed DM up with my pulpish, two-gunned masked avenger, Nightmare. 

I still have most if not all of the DM episodes that I actually finished...and they aren't one bit as interesting as all of the above might make them seem! I had a LOT to learn about writing.


Analogmoon said...

Steve -

There is at least one episode of Coronet Blue on Youtube. It was also the inspiration behind the show Nowhere Man (which I recently watched by way of Youtube.)

Booksteve said...

Cool! Thanks. Based on the little thingie in the corner, I'd say it ran on TV LAND at some point (back when it was worth watching) and I missed it! Darn it!

ilamfan said...

A great batch of titles - without which you cannot write stories at all, anyway. Same with first must come up with a great BAND NAME, then you worry about writing the tunes!