Friday, January 20, 2012

Sunday, January 20th, 1974

Well, this month's almost over already. Today I was going to write some letters but i didn't get a chance to. Terry came over and we went down to Pasquale's for a pizza. Then we made a neat radio tape.

Tonight I saw Clint Eastwood in FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE.

I did IT again. I've read that it's actually physically harmless but that it can cause emotional harm or even addiction!

NOTES: Okay, now this is odd. My favorite pizza of all time is LaRosa's from here in Cincinnati but when I was growing up, we always got Pasquale's. In fact, the very first prize I ever won was a $5.00 gift certificate from Pasquale's Pizza. They were thin and greasy but tasty. The odd part is that the closet one I remember was at 18th and Madison (a stone's throw from where I'm sitting right now but sadly long gone these several decades). The way this sounds, it was somewhere close enough to walk easily from my house. Hmmm.... I'll have to check with Terry. 

Every town seems to have a Pasquale's by the way, none of them related to the other. The image above is at least the same little guy from "MY" Pasquale's.

Ahhh...the radio tapes! I was always fascinated with my cassette recorder. Sometimes when he would come over, I'd put in a 90 minute cassette and we'd basically adlib a radio DJ program complete with a drunken disk jockey (his idea), a straight-laced newsman (me), commercials, bits of records from my collection, sound effects, weather, traffic, guests, etc. We must have done dozens of them but for some reason I only kept one...which I still have. There's no exact date so I don't know but it might be the one we recorded on this date!


Steve Reed said...

How great that you kept the cassette. I made a bunch of silly cassettes with friends as an early teen and I don't have any of them anymore. Sad. :(

Raj said...

First McCloud of 1974 (These episodes have been solid for me, MAD Magazine taught me what to expect as much, the cantankerous-nous(?) of Clifford, the stride of Sam... I do miss Diana Muldaur by his side as this point of the run...) "A Cowboy in Paradise" aired this day, dramatic turn from Don Ho, Louise Lasser two years before her brief blow-up....